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Lion Pride

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Lazy Lions

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With Only 2000 Lazy Lions available to Mint, LLP is an exclusive NFT Project. 

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Based on Solana

Solana's low Gas fee structure allows more accessibility to all types of collectors.

Good Cause


LLP isn't just a regular NFT Project, 10% of all proceeds will go towards Animal Conservation. 

Road Map





  • Secure Charity & raise awareness​.

  • Secure Secondary Marketplace Spots. 

  • Build a Global community. 

  • Competitions and Airdrops.  

  • Share Progress with community. 

  • Creation of 99 White List Spots. 

  • Pre-release for White List Spots (99). 

  • Main Release of 900 LLP NFTs to the General Public. 

  • Create Rarity Charts for LLP Holders. 

  • Further Competitions to strengthen the community. 

  • Create Holder discord channels to bring the community together. 

  • Listing on Secondary Market Places. 

Coming Soon. 

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Liano plays a key role here at the LLP, with 5 years of experience in UI design, and 2 years of 3D design, he has helped shape the collection. He also plays a role as a manager of the LLP, and will always attempt to deliver value to the community. 


Liono is one of the main managers and founders alongside Liano, he has helped co-ordinate and grow the LLP. Liono has quite a bit of experience in sales and marketing under his belt, he is a diligent manager, always there for his community.   

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Leon has proven himself to an excellent communicator, he speaks many languages, and is an experienced moderator, he will always be active to help the community out. Leon is the manager of our social media accounts. 



Leona is part of the team due to her incredible 3D design skills and creativity. She is the key to the creative decisions here at LLP. She has devoted many hours to innovate with new outlandish designs, to amaze our community. 

Who are we ?

The LLP was founded by two close friends, with a passion for entrepreneurship, blockchain, philanthropy and delivering value to people around them. This emerging technology space is incredibly complex and full of opportunity, and must be explored as a community. 

The Goal for our project is not to make any outlandish promises of any sort, what we can say is, our goal is to build a large community of members, which can all discuss topics of interest, raise awareness and donations for the conservation of wildlife in Africa, as well as learning about blockchain along the way. 

The LLP collection is only the start for us, we look forward to seeing where this brand can go in the future, and have many exciting things in the works, it would mean the world to us to have a community by our side, so join us on Discord, make some new friends, support a good cause and enjoy the game drive!


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What is the Total Supply?

The LLP Collection is limited to only 999 Units. 

Minting Site

We have outsourced the Minting process to a Solana NFT LaunchPad, in order to provide the best security to our users. 


When Minting, you will be redirected to the Third-Party Minting site. 

Be certain you are always clicking links provided by moderators, this will avoid any possibility of your funds being stolen. 

Is there a White List ?

Yes, there will be a White List for collectors wanting early access to the Mint, more details will be provided by moderators on Discord. 

What will happen to the charity donation?

As stated in our roadmap, will we donate 10% of  Mint proceeds to African Parks.

The exact date of donation is yet to be decided. 

For any further questions, contact us on Discord. 

Second hand MarketPlaces?

We will be listing the LLP collection on at least two second hand marketplaces, so LLP holders can choose to trade or expand their collection after the mint. 

Wallet & Gas Fees?

Solana requires specific wallets compatible with the Solana Blockchain. 

Gas Fees for the Solana Network are relatively Low, However Always have an extra 0.1 SOL in your wallet when attempting to mint to cover any Gas Fees.


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